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Pictured throughout this website are the faces of real franchisees— all success stories, all winners, all champions in anyone’s league. And like you, at the start of their journey, they had questions that needed to be answered, assurances to be made, smooth startups planned, rewarding relationships and dreams to be realized.

Hear from Our Franchisees

  • "We had done a lot of research on Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. It was something that Bruce and I really wanted, it really attracted us. The processes. It works. The training. It works. And the customer focus."

    Kansas City,


  • "I was a trades guy. I wanted to grow a business but really didn’t have the skills to do it. If you have the drive and determination and want to learn, the network is very open to helping you. The network, the tools, there is no way that I would be where I’m at without this brand."

    NW Arkansas, Oklahoma City & Tulsa,


  • "The franchise has definitely been an edge for us. I think the name Ben Franklin is an easily recognizable name, and I think we have built a good image. I think the benefits to employees is definitely plenty of work."

    San Francisco Bay Area,


  • "I wanted to start a Ben Franklin franchise quite honestly because I knew we were supplying and providing superior service as a One Hour HVAC contractor and I looked around at the plumbing competition. I knew with the support of the franchises and their branding and their morals and ethics that we could start a plumbing franchise and be better than our competition."



  • "With the training so great in our franchise system, it helps you with recruiting, retaining and properly operating your franchise system."

    northern AL & northwest,


  • "My main focus from the beginning was to find something that would give my children a good business platform, a retirement vehicle for myself, and a legacy for my children’s children."

    San Antonio,


  • "The benefits of franchise really take me back to 2003 when my father and I had a discussion and he said Scott it’s a 45-year-old family business and it’s your choice. You can try and do it independently or you can hook up with these brands. It was an easy decision."