Richie Drew Facilitates Donations to Local Hospitals

undefinedWhen a local hospital, McLeod Seacoast, was struggling to have enough personal protective equipment, Richie Drew, owner of One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Myrtle Beach, worked with his wife and friends to gather and donate supplies. “[My wife] had a couple friends that have nail salons,” Richie said in a recent news article. “They’re closed down based on the governor’s orders. They came through with about 10,000 pairs of gloves.”

In addition to the gloves, Richie donated 250 ear loop masks, 40 N95 masks, and 12,000 pairs of surgical gloves to McLeod Seacoast Hospital.

Richie has been featured in the local news sharing the importance of these items to local hospitals, urging other businesses to help. “We use this stuff on a daily basis,” he said in one interview. “We kind of take it for granted. Don’t hesitate to donate those things. Don’t hoard them. Don’t hang on to them. I know there’s a lot of contractors out there that may have these masks. Let’s get them to the front lines.”

Richie’s efforts have been highlighted in WBTW News 13, WMBF News, WFXB Fox TV, and MyHorryNews.