Is Professionalism A Lost Art?

Social media and changes in our country’s culture have created a must-have-it-right-now mindset. Sometimes that attitude can make us lose sight of things that are important. Attention to detail and professionalism are two things I see slipping away.

Casual, undisciplined behavior with a lack of focus in a solider can cause lives to be lost. Or, to quote General Norman Schwarzkopf, 'Shined shoes save lives.' This line of thinking can be applied to employees in the electrical business. So how should we maintain professionalism in the electrical service and repair business? Here are a few tips:

1. Dress: Wear a uniform, and be sure it's clean.

2. Watch the paperwork, and don't make errors. Writing down a wrong serial number can be costly. So can not taking time to verify customer information. Confirm you are using the correct part if you are replacing a part in the field. And don't forget to logout the inventory.

3. If you are applying for a job in the electrical trade, treat your prospective employer like you would a customer. Attention to detail can make or break getting that job you want.

I believe it is time for the electrical industry to step up and be more professional. I've interviewed hundreds of applicants for my own business, and, unfortunately, I find very few who are professional these days. Bring it back, think of professionalism in the industry and your everyday life. You'll feel better about yourself and make those who depend on you feel better as well.

Rusty Wise owns and operates a Mister Sparky electric franchise in Charlotte and Cherryville, NC. He holds an A.S degree in Electrical Engineering and is licensed in N.C., S.C., and Va. In addition to being a college electrical instructor, N.C.-licensed real estate broker and former NASCAR race car driver.