There Can be Many Misperceptions Related to Franchising

While many home services companies fear transitioning to franchising may mean a loss of control or identity, this simply isn’t the case--in fact, these businesses will solidify their brand, increasing their impact on the world. According to Terry Mclver’s “When Franchising is The Answer,” there are endless benefits to franchising, and the only obstacle is people’s fear of change.

Franchise conversion may be an issue of concern, but it is ultimately the best decision for all involved: business owners, employees, and customers. This fear is easily quelled when people realize that the change in identity doesn’t really matter, because consumers will go where they receive quality services. Long-term consumers will display loyalty to the people behind the business--no matter the name. Once owners understand what’s in it for them when they open their eyes to the bigger picture, the conversion suddenly becomes the most logical decision to make.

Employees may be concerned about the company culture changing, which is not the goal of franchising at all--in fact, keeping that family feeling is one of the main priorities of a franchise transition. Expanding the family networking circuit will only benefit all involved. Lastly, customers are always willing to go where they are consistently treated well. The truth of the matter is, franchise conversion ultimately provides customers with a better experience overall, as the product, warranty, and prices all improve.

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