Punctual Plumber takes class 8 times

Punctual PlumberMatt Black is a shining example of how consistent training can improve the quality of your work and life. A lifelong learner, Matt has attended Punctual Plumber eight times! When asked why training is beneficial, Matt said, “I want to be the best at what I do but it doesn’t matter if you’re the best performer in your company, your state or even the nation. You must continue to train to keep focused and not become complacent.” A resident of Port St. Lucie, Florida, Matt and his wife have two English Bulldogs, Kash and Lola. A Jeep enthusiast, Matt is a member of the Jupiter Jeep Club and travels the country attending numerous Jeep events each year. We recently had the opportunity to ask Matt a few questions about himself, his profession, and training and here's what Matt had to say:

How does it feel to be this month's Student Spotlight? What was your family and co-workers' reaction?
It is an honor to be selected as this months Student Spotlight. My wife was happy for me because she knows how hard I work at training with our team and she appreciated it was recognized. I haven’t told our team yet. I will let them read the article when it comes out.

What improvements have you seen since taking Punctual Plumber?
I have seen a huge improvement with our whole team being engaged during training since we returned from training. I feel all of my guys had a connection with Currie’s training.

What was the biggest takeaway from class?
Past / Present / Future - The past is what caused the problem, The present is the current fix needed, The future is what we can offer for preventive maintenance.

What action steps did you take to implement that takeaway?
We have been role playing and training on several different takeaways since we returned from the class (Past, Present & Future / FBDBQ / Feel, Felt & Found / F.O.R.M.).

What information from class would you emphasize to those who have not attended?
This class will give you a solid foundation to build your sales and presentation skills. We all know what happens when we don’t start with a solid foundation.

Why should your peers attend this class? What advice would you give to a team member to be a future Student Spotlight?
I have been to the Punctual Plumber class 7 or 8 times as well as Advanced Punctual Plumber. We always send a manager or the owner along when we send our team members for training. We need to know what is being taught, how it has changed since we were last there and to be able to put a plan together to reinforce the training once we return back to the shop. I see a lot of students come by themselves and I find it difficult to hold them accountable if I am not up to date on what is being taught.

If someone wants to become a future Student Spotlight, I would suggest they write it down as a goal. Study and do their homework while at class. Participate in class, volunteer to do role plays and be engaged. Offer to help your peers that you meet at class and exchange your business cards with your contact information and let them know you are available if they have any questions or need your help.

Any last words or advice for other team members that read this article?
“A goal without a plan is just a dream.” ~ Currie Gauvreau, Success Academy® trainer

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