After 44 years in business, this was an easy decision.

HVAC Business, HVAC franchise, One Hour Air, One Hour Heating,This video shares the passion and practical thought process that led Scott Rohrer and his dad in Lancaster, PA, to convert their 44 year old business to the One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®, Mister Sparky® electric and
Benjamin Franklin Plumbing®
franchise brands.

“We entered in the home services business in 1959, my grandfather started the business, and my dad came on after school and I came on after school and my three sons as they are starting to graduate have interest in it as well. The benefits of franchise really take me back to 2003 when my father and I had a discussion and said Scott it’s a 44 year old family business and it’s your choice. You can try and do it independently or you can hook up with these brands. It was an easy decision,” Scott Rohrer.

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