Your Residential HVAC Opportunity

Work on Your Own, Without Being Alone!

Think back to your first years as an HVAC technician. How long did it take you to start your own business? Now that you have realized the dream of business ownership, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® offers an ideal opportunity to drive your business forward with the support of a nationwide network of your peers.

Network with some of the Best Residential HVAC Business Owners in the US

Many of our nearly 200 One Hour franchisees converted their businesses to our franchise model to take advantage of a turnkey system. They enjoy the opportunity to network with some of the best HVAC service providers in the industry. And, they appreciate our in-depth operational support, including:

  • Hiring and employee management skills training
  • Customized marketing materials featuring Mike Rowe
  • Integrated software for customer management, inventory, payroll, financials and more
  • Mentoring opportunities with established franchisees
  • Professional call center for 24/7/365 customer response (Optional, not included in the franchise agreement.)

What’s Driving Your Business?

The decision to convert deserves careful thought and consideration. There are a variety of factors to consider:

  • Where do you want your business to be in 10 years?
  • Is your end goal a healthy return on investment for your business and your lifestyle?
  • Are you hoping for more personal time, and a better balance between work and leisure hours?

In many cases, when an established contractor is looking to make a change, it is for one overarching reason: to improve their lifestyle. A One Hour franchise may help you gain the independence to build a legacy that you, and your loved ones, can benefit from for years to come.