Matt Stewart, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®, Aberdeen, MD

“I didn’t want to be one guy in a truck. If I was to start Matt’s Air Conditioning today there’s no way I could have in place all the things that a One Hour franchise gives me.”

“Reading about it is great, but you need to get your hands on it. You need to go to a Discovery Day. Talk to these contractors who are in the One Hour system to see what the difference is. Because until you can touch it and feel it, you’re just thinking franchise. And it’s not a franchise, it’s a family.”

“Once I did the research I realized that it was still a privately owned company, it’s our company and we haven’t lost any control. The reality is you gain control because now you have all these processes and procedures available to you to be able to really look at your business.”

“We entered in the home services business in 1959. The benefits of franchise really take me back to 2003 when my father and I had a discussion and he said, ‘Scott it’s a 45 year old family business and it’s your choice. You can try and do it independently or you can hook up with these brands.’ It was an easy decision.”