Manufacturer Discounts, Rebates & Private Label Options

What Does BuyMax Do for Your Business?

BuyMax discounts, rebates and private label options are included in your franchise membership at no extra cost.

  • Negotiated pricing saves thousands on the products and services you use every day.
  • Manufacturer rebates could go directly to your bottom line.
  • Private label products keep your name in front of customers.

By combining the purchasing power of all three of our franchise brands BuyMax represents over $3 billion dollars in industry spending. Franchisees save over $2.5 million in discounts each year. And, BuyMax distributed more than $10 million in manufacturers’ rebates to all program members including franchisees.

Private Label Products Add Value

Your brand, reputation and service delivery say a lot about you, but what about your products? Private label branding keeps your brand in front of your customers 24/7. Every time your customers adjust their thermostat they’ll remember you.