Frequently Asked Questions

I Want to Acquire a Franchise. What Should I Do?

We are excited to hear that you are interested in joining One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. To determine if you are the right fit, you will need to complete our discovery process. An initial phone call will be set up to provide more information and ensure you are still interested / a good fit for our franchise team.

What Is Involved in the Discovery Process?

Our franchise development team will take you through this process, which includes a phone call to learn more about our franchise opportunities / territories, provision of our Franchise Disclosure Document for your review, and a conversation with one of our franchise development experts. If we are a good fit so far, you will continue through the process with a Discovery Day and follow the rest of the steps such as speaking with current / past franchisees, reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document, signing the franchise agreement, developing a conversion plan, and going through orientation and systems training.

How Do I Know If Franchising Is Right for Me?

If you resonate with the following, franchising may be a smart move:

  • You are the “go-to guy” at work
  • You’ve put in more hours than you can count just last month
  • The company can’t run without you
  • You feel like you are always trying to catch-up with tasks
  • There is no time to take vacations even though you are working hard
  • You are an established contractor or business owner
  • You are passionate about leading a team
  • You are not afraid to utilize proven systems

How Are Territories Awarded?

When you become a franchisee with us, you will be given a protected service area or territory (subject to certain limitations) that covers several zip codes. You can request more information through our website to determine if you are a good fit and to learn more about available territories in your area. When it comes to a specific territory you are interested in, our team will work with you to determine the potential of your desired location. There are a number of factors involved in this – working with our team we can determine the best approach for your franchise. While there is no guarantee that your preferred location is available, we will do our best to ensure you have the location and necessary tools to succeed. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®, along with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® and Mister Sparky® are all franchise brands in the Clockwork, Inc., family. Our network of more than 300 franchisees provides residential repair, replacement and maintenance services to homeowners in over 750 locations throughout the US. Franchised locations are independently owned and operated businesses. Clockwork is a member of the Direct Energy® group of companies.

Have You Been Consistently Successful?

Yes! In fact, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning has been ranked a #1 HVAC franchise for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 by Entrepreneur Magazine.

What Are the Investment Costs for a Conversion Franchise?

A Conversion Franchisee’s total estimated initial investment ranges from $81,805 to $251,732. The $43,000 in Initial Fees applies to a franchisee that signs the Franchise Agreement and has a territory whose population is approximately 100,000. Territories may differ in size. A Territory of approximately 100,000 is the required minimum size for a new franchisee. For a territory with a population greater than 100,000, the Initial Fees owed will be $43,000 plus $430 for each additional 1,000 of population above 100,000.

Will There Be Training / Support Provided to Franchisees?

Absolutely! We provide our franchisees with extensive training and support-regardless of whether they are long-time business owners or budding entrepreneurs. All franchisees are given marketing, customer engagement, recruiting and retention, and technology training and support. We provide a marketing toolkit, training programs for new workers, and the integrated tools and technology that help franchisees streamline their work and maximum their success.