Your Opportunity

Enjoy the Freedom That Franchising Offers!

Do you remember when you first opened your electrical service business? Do you remember your goals? Have you been successful in accomplishing them? Mister Sparky® provides electricians with an opportunity to grow their business or start their own company, and offers entrepreneurs a way into the home services market.

Achieve New Levels of Growth by Exploring Your Franchise Opportunity

Many of our hundreds of Mister Sparky owners converted their business to take advantage of our turnkey system. Our franchisees network with some of the best electricians in the field and take advantage of our extensive support. This includes:

  • Employee recruitment and management skills training
  • Marketing materials featuring Mike Rowe
  • Integrated software for inventory, payroll, and more
  • Learning and growing with the help of established franchisees
  • Professional call center for 24/7/365 customer response (Optional, not included in the core franchise agreement.)

What Drives Your Electrical Business?

Franchising requires deliberation and careful consideration. There are multiple questions to consider, such as:

  • In 10 years, where do you want your electrical business to be?
  • Do you want a strong return on investment for your company and livelihood?
  • Do you want a more even balance between your work life and your home life?

What drives many of our established electricians to franchise with Mister Sparky is the desire to improve their lifestyle. Mister Sparky franchises can help you create an independent business and shape a future that you and your family will enjoy.