Aaron Hagan, Mister Sparky®; northwest AR, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK

I was a trades guy. I wanted to grow a business but really didn’t have the skills to do it. The network, the tools, there is no way that I would be where I’m at without this brand.”

Rusty Wise, Mister Sparky®; Cherry Hill & Charlotte, NC

“There is power in numbers. One of the greatest things we have is private branded products, smoke detectors that sort of thing. An independent cannot get that kind of value. If you can’t beat ‘em, you better join ‘em.”

George Saldana, Mister Sparky®; San Antonio, TX

“My main focus from the beginning was to find something that would give my children a good business platform, a retirement vehicle for myself, and a legacy for my children’s children.”

Karla Michael, Mister Sparky®; Brighton, MI

“Purchased it for the systems, the procedures for the organization of the company. In all aspects of our business from the accounting portion to dispatching to call taking and it’s been great.”