Recruiting & Retention

Building Your Team Up to Embrace Your Mister Sparky® Franchise

When you choose to franchise, it isn't just a powerful opportunity for you--it's also an amazing opportunity for your team of employees! Potential owners sometimes worry about how their team will be affected by franchising, but our systems are proven and designed to empower your employees as much as they empower you.

Employees simply want consistency, and that's what our franchise orientation and ongoing training can provide. From managing current employee expectations to bringing in talented professionals that grow your business, we offer the resources you and your team need to navigate the transition.

After working with hundreds of electricians, we've learned that your team members are likely more than willing to embrace the opportunities we provide, including:

  • Developing new skills
  • Create a stronger, more cohesive team
  • Benefit from the reputation of a national brand

National Recruiting Efforts

Mister Sparky, part of the Direct Energy® family of brands, provides sponsorships to aspiring skilled trades students, has partnerships with trade schools, and recently partnered with TV personality and skilled trades supporter Mike Rowe to help raise awareness of the skills gap and all the good jobs that are available today.

Success Academy®: Training for Competitive Advantage

Your franchise decision includes access to a wide range of Success Academy training courses via our franchise learning website. This training support includes a blended learning approach to improve customer interactions and deliver on the brand promise. Your current employees and new hires will be able to take advantage of our on-demand, online, instructor-led, and self-paced training modules.

Training offerings include: general management topics, sales techniques, self-improvement, leadership, customer service, accounting and dispatch training. Courses are designed to inform, teach and provide a safe environment in which to practice new techniques. Success Academy content is constantly expanding to keep up your team current on the latest industry best practices, and to provide you with the tools to attract and retain customers in the long term.

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