Customer Engagement

What Drives Customers to Your Business?

Homeowners will always need electrical repairs--things are bound to break, and few people can live their lives without electricity. Repairs will be necessary no matter the day, time, or situation, and people are looking for a high-quality electrician service they can trust to do the job. Based on our brand's reputation as a premium service, you can be proud and secure when you present your business as a Mister Sparky® franchise.

Offer Your Customers Peace of Mind with Direct Energy® Home Comfort Collection Plans

One Hour franchisees have the option to add Home Comfort Collection plans to their service offerings. (Program is available at an additional cost not included in the franchise fee.) The Home Comfort Collection is available through Home Warranty of America® which ranks among the top 10* US home warranty companies and is part of the Direct Energy family of brands.

Protection plans can help build customer loyalty and provide your business with home warranty and service cross marketing potential. Your customers can choose maintenance only, maintenance and repair, or an essentials plus plan. Learn more when you attend our Franchise Discovery Day.

*Source: Home Warranty Reviews 2015 rankings.

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