National Vendor Discounts, Rebates & Private Label Products

How BuyMax Benefits Your Franchise

As a Mister Sparky® franchisee, you will have access to BuyMax discounts, manufacturer rebates, and private label product options. Through franchise membership, there is absolutely no extra cost for all of these benefits!

What does BuyMax do for your business?

  • Reduced pricing thanks to national franchise leveraging power saves you thousands on the products and services you need.
  • Manufacturer rebates can go directly back to your bottom line, boosting your profits and future success.
  • Great private label product options help you maintain a strong customer image and keep your name in front of them.

By combining the purchasing power of all three of our franchise brands ~ Mister Sparky® electrical services, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® BuyMax saved our franchisees over $2.5 million in discounts.

Rebates that Go Directly to Your Bottom Line

BuyMax contributed over $10 million in manufacturers' rebates to program members—including our franchisees! These rebates go directly to you, giving you the flexibility to purchase equipment from local wholesale distributors. More importantly, these saving can go directly back to your bottom line.

Perks of Private Label Products

Your employees, reputation for excellent service, and products used on the job all represent your business brand, so why wouldn't you get private label products that can further establish your brand name with customers? Private label branding keeps your franchise brand in front of your customers at all times. Anytime your customers make an adjustment to their new electrical products, they'll remember your brand!