Investment Profile

Understanding Your Investment in a Mister Sparky® Franchise

The Mister Sparky® franchise model is designed for electrical service business owners who are reaching a minimum sales volume of $600,000. If your business is at this size, you may be ready to pursue a franchise opportunity with Mister Sparky.

Estimated Investment for Conversion Franchises

A Conversion Franchise’s total estimated initial investment ranges from $68,555 to $231,732. The initial franchise fee for a territory with a population of 200,000 ranges from $35,120 to $37,115; each additional 1,000 of population above 200,000 is $165.

Our Discovery Day process provides you with more detail to assist you in determining if a Mister Sparky® franchise is right for your business. Start up and conversion cost models are included in our Franchise Disclosure Document.