Read this if you would never consider franchising your business


People often ask me ‘if I’m an independent contractor why should I join one of your brands?’

That takes me back to the days when my business partner John and I had a successful residential HVAC company in Hastings, MN, that was around for over 70 years. What started us thinking about taking our independently owned business to a national brand was looking beyond where we were, to where we wanted to be. We charged ourselves with being open to change, and we learned everything we could about the franchise system, and the people behind it, before we made our decision.

Take the time to explore the programs that are out there. Talk to people. Not just the sales teams, ask to speak with franchisees in the system. If you like what you hear schedule a deep dive. Immerse yourself in what we call the Discovery Day process. We'll pick up some of the travel expense to bring qualified contractors to a franchisee location.In a day and a half we introduce every aspect of our franchise program, presented by the people who work in those areas so you can make a sound business decision.

Employees often discover more value in being a part of a national network. Depending on the franchise system, there may be more training options and a clearer career path to help employees achieve their personal goals. In our franchise employees can work at their own pace through webinar and self-study webinar modules.Technical training combines online, homework and on-the-job demonstration. Learning the franchise system of service delivery means increased job mobility too. And, employees love that they can connect with thousands of their peers across the US who do the same thing they do every day.

At the end of the day contractors want to be successful. And, if they truly look in the mirror there are certain parts of their business that they’re really proud, but there are certain parts of their business that they’re not so proud of. Our brands offer a proven operational system and a network of of peer support. My point is no matter where a contractor is in the life cycle of their business, being part of our franchise system can help them. We can sit down with them and put together a plan that focuses on the areas they want to improve.


Troy Latuff is the vice president of franchise and business development for Clockwork, Inc. Prior to joining Clockwork he was the co-owner and general manager for O’Connor Plumbing, Heating & Cooling in Hastings, MN. O’Connor converted to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing®, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® and Mister Sparky® electrical services brands in 2006.