All the right moves, for residential plumbing contractors


"As someone who served in the Air Force, I like uniformity. By implementing the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing system, recruiting strong talent, training and taking care of our people, I don’t see anything holding me back. I liked the systems they had in place, and the training was exactly the message I needed for my team to adapt. I’m very comfortable with what the franchise offers as a guideline for success in terms of bottom line profitability and growth."

-- Lenny Siers, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® franchisee in Niceville, FL and northern AL

I started out with one truck after spending seven years in the Air Force. I opened a One Hour residential service business in 2005. Around 2010, I saw the need for a good, professional residential plumbing company in the northwest Florida territory. Thanks to the training, processes and support systems offered by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, my team was able to grow that side of the business. Last year we also added Mister Sparky electric. Without the systems that the franchise offered, I might have shut down within the first couple years. It’s always a struggle to start up a business, but it’s much harder when you don’t have the established consistency a franchise offers or the mentors who can lead you to the next level. When you’re a part of a franchise system, you feel like you can’t fail.

Training is so paramount to success, but it is often underutilized in today’s world. It can’t be a “one day a week” process. To be successful, you have to embrace training in your classrooms and shops, as well as digital training. The digital footprint Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has with online training videos, from leadership to technical videos, has really enhanced my ability to train my employees. It’s a great vehicle to train with, but you also need training that is onsite and offsite. This is why I offer opportunities for my employees to share and learn best practices from other plumbers at offsite training functions. With the training so great in our franchise system, it helps me with recruiting, retaining and operating the business.


Lenny Siers is a multi-brand owner offering Benjamin Franklin Plumbing®, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® and Mister Sparky® electric services to homeowners in northern Florida. He also provides HVAC and plumbing services in northern Alabama. Today, Siers’ businesses operate a fleet of more than 120 residential service vans.