All Systems Go!

Keep Your Business on the Cutting Edge with Our Advanced Technology.

Getting your business to the cutting edge is a priority at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing®.

We understand how to help you get your business up to speed, using some of the most innovative and exciting systems available today, all designed with our franchise owners in mind.

Our goal is to help you achieve a commanding position in your local market, and our technology can get you there.

For many new franchise owners, the technology we make available at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® is one of the first and most beneficial perks. The reality is, most independent contractors cannot afford the level of technology we provide to our plumbing franchise owners. This means you will have an advantage in your local market, while bringing your business to new levels.

Learn More About the Technology We Provide to Our franchisees:

  • Fully integrated, proprietary software
  • National Service Center for 24/7/365 customer response (Optional)
  • Success Academy®

Plumbing Franchise Technology

Our innovative business management software was specifically designed for businesses in the field of residential services. It's fully integrated to allow simple, intuitive management of customer information, scheduling, employee payroll, inventory, sales performance and all of the metrics that help keep contractors organized.

Engage Our National Call Center

Our team of experienced professionals are standing by to take your incoming customer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Explore the Benefits

The Call Center is staffed with extensively trained operators who use standardized, proven tactics that lend consistency to our brands and increase your call conversion. It also allows your local staff to focus on customer service and day-to-day operations while we cover your phones and book your appointments.

We’ve even revolutionized employee training with Success Academy®, our on-demand/online training center. Our strategic training system delivers weekly training modules. Give your employees flexible opportunities to learn at their own pace while you monitor their progress.

There are more than 250 training modules covering technical know-how, administration, management, and more, so there are learning tools for every member of your team.