Recruiting & Retention

Empowering Your Employees to Embrace Your Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® Franchise Decision

Franchising isn’t just an exciting new opportunity for owners—it can be the exact change your employees need and have been looking for. One of the biggest concerns business owners considering franchising have is the impact it may have on current employees.

Our systems are created to help you achieve your goals and are designed to help you extend those same benefits to your team.

We realize that most employees prefer consistency in their work, and we’ve structured our franchise orientation and ongoing training accordingly. Our goal is to make the transition a smooth and positive one.

We've worked with hundreds of contractors, most employees embrace the opportunity to:

  • Develop new trade skills
  • Improve teamwork and job environment
  • Work under the banner of a respected brand

National Recruiting Efforts

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, part of the Direct Energy® family of brands, provides sponsorships to aspiring skilled trades students, has partnerships with trade schools, and recently partnered with TV personality and skilled trades supporter Mike Rowe to help raise awareness of the skills gap and all the good jobs that are available today.

Utilizing Our Success Academy®

When you become a franchisee, you get access to a comprehensive range of training courses through our Success Academy® learning website. We provide instruction on our blended approach for improving customer interactions and delivering on the brand promise.

Whether you have new hires or long-time employees, our self-paced online courses make transitioning to Benjamin Franklin standards simple and easy.

Some of the training offerings include:

  • General management topics
  • Sales techniques
  • Self-improvement
  • Leadership
  • Customer service
  • Accounting
  • Dispatch training

Our online training modules are created to inform, teach, and offer a safe environment for employees and employers to practice new techniques. We also regularly expand our Success Academy content for optimal learning, making sure we keep your team up to date on the latest in industry best practices. Overall, the courses help equip you to attract and retain local customers for years to come!