Investment Profile

Ready to Convert to the Benjamin Franklin Brand?

The Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® franchise model is best suited for residential plumbing contractors or business owners who reach an annual operating sales volume between $800,000 and $2million. If your business is reaching this size, you may be ready to take the next step.

Estimated Investment for Conversion Franchises

A Conversion Franchise’s total estimated initial investment ranges from $89,805 to $257,232. The $43,000 in Initial Fees applies to a franchisee that signs the Franchise Agreement, and has a territory whose population is approximately 100,000. Territories may differ in size. A Territory of approximately 100,000 is the required minimum size for a new franchisee. For a territory with a population greater than 100,000, the Initial Fees owed will be $43,000 plus $430 for each additional 1,000 of population above 100,000. Start up and conversion cost models are included in our Franchise Disclosure Document.

Our Discovery Day process provides you with more detail to assist you in determining if a Benjamin Franklin franchise is right for you.