Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Acquire a Franchise?

The first step is to request a 15-minute call with us.

How Can I Tell if a Conversion Franchise Is Right for My Business?

If you are the “go-to” guy at your job, always put in more hours than the rest of your co-workers, or feel like your company can’t run without you, becoming a Benjamin Franklin franchisee may be the ideal opportunity. What else do we look for? An individual who is passionate about leading a team, knows how to utilize proven systems, may have a background as a contractor or business owner, and is tired of playing catch-up with their work tasks.

Will the Territory I Want Be Available?

Franchise territories are awarded based on availability and various other factors. When you decide to become a franchisee, we will discuss your options and work with you to select a territory. From there, you will be given a protected service territory or area, subject to certain limitations. If you would like to find out if the territory you are interested in is available, be sure to reach out to us today!

How Much Will the Franchise Investment Be?

A Conversion Franchise’s total estimated initial investment ranges from $89,805 to $257,232. The $43,000 in Initial Fees applies to a franchisee that signs the Franchise Agreement, and has a territory whose population is approximately 100,000. Territories may differ in size. A Territory of approximately 100,000 is the required minimum size for a new franchisee. For a territory with a population greater than 100,000, the Initial Fees owed will be $43,000 plus $430 for each additional 1,000 of population above 100,000.

What Should I Expect During the Discovery Process?

Our franchise development team will take you through this process, which includes a phone call to learn more about our franchise opportunities / territories, provision of our Franchise Disclosure Document for your review, and a conversation with one of our franchise development experts. If we are a good fit so far, you will continue through the process with a Discovery Day and follow the rest of the steps such as speaking with current / past franchisees, reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document, signing the franchise agreement, developing a conversion plan, and going through orientation and systems training.