About Our HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Service Brands

Outpacing the Industry in Growth.

Acquired by Direct Energy® in 2010, Clockwork, Inc. joined Direct Energy’s family of companies to form a powerful force in the home service industry. Now, we stand as one of the largest providers of plumbing, heating and cooling, and electrical services throughout North America. Businesses operating under our brands serve millions of households.

Together, our organization garners a network revenue of nearly $4 billion. We are able to leverage our size and collective expertise to continually redefine the customer experience. Our goal is to improve value for homeowners and create a customer-driven culture for each individual we serve.

Our Vision & Philosophy

Our vision remains to be the leaders in home services delivery in all of North America. We have built one of the largest services companies in North America. How have we done this? We believe it is thanks to a simple, friendly and direct philosophy.

What is our philosophy?

We’ve created best practices for running a customer-focused, residential service business. We’ve amassed knowledge, systems, and programs to ensure our franchisees have the support to keep them ahead of the competition. Our motto is 'working for yourself, but not by yourself.' Work, Life. Balance. Business owners in the HVAC, plumbing and electrical service trades can have them all.

A Business Model with Mentorship

We’ve worked with the best contractors around North America to create these best practices for One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®, Mister Sparky®, and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing®. With a customer-centered focus, our home service brands have earned clients’ trust time and time again.

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A Family Of Home Services

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